Today the height of luxury in watch making is unique models. It is and if the model is designed and tailor-made only for you, is like your dream come true!

After more than 10 years of freelance activities with the major Swiss watch brands, Mikaël BOURGEOIS decided to go his own way in 2008.
Over these years, he was the creator of watches that have become major successes, and it’s very naturally that he now emerges from obscurity to propose his craftsman talents!

He launches MB Watches, and makes dreams come true by designing and creating luxury custom made watches in the greatest tradition. In this daydream, everything is possible: the small brand develops an exclusive design with tastes and desires of each client. There is no limit on the forms, materials, sizes and functions. In the heart of these timepieces are exclusively mechanical movements wit very high quality, rare, precious and even developed specifically for customers.
These precious watches are totally designed and manufactured in the valleys between Switzerland and France, and enjoy the quality “Swiss made. Gold, platinum or diamonds; tourbillon or chronograph, custom-made watchesare a story of passion.

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