A model with incredible success

MB & F is well known among others thanks to their HM3 model. The HM3 is a unique model, which was launched in many different designs. A major success brought the models Frog and the model that was created in collaboration with Stepan Sarpaneva. But now there is a new version of the HM3 model: the Megawind.


The latest incarnation was not made only by a few small changes from MB & F but really proper changes. As the name implies, the winding of the watch is an important topic. Therefore the winding can be found directly in the heart of the dial of the watch. Through the sapphire crystal it is possible to observe the winding working. The rotor was invented by Stepan Sarpaneva for the earlier model, but used again in this model. The rotor is unique and is called “Mystery rotor” because it is designed in a inversely manner what creates sometimes illusion concerning its asymmetry and symmetry.

The time display

The two upstanding time displays of the MB & F HM3 indicate either the minutes or hours. These two ads were improved, what resulted in a better readability. The watches are available in red and white gold and costs $ 92,000.