A reprint of Longines

To honor a jockey and his horse at a horse race in New York, in 1881 a very special chronograph was created: the so called Conquest Classic. This watch was provided with an engraving of the jockey and his horse. In 1954, they got the patent for this collection. This intellectual property right of Longines helped the watch company to its current success and fame. After more than 50 years, a remake of that classic watch was launched. This timepiece is designed for watch lovers and horse racing enthusiasts. The outside of the watch is classical, as opposed to the inner workings of the luxury watch.

A classic luxury watches collection

The inner working of the watch is a special movement created especially for Longines by ETA. The new model is equipped with a self-winding movement and looks very contemporary. The new collection is available in three different sizes: small, medium, large. The small watch for women is a watch that is distinguished by its delicate appearance. There is also the version for women with a dial in silver or blackened. There are also some models of Longines with a pearl dial and single diamonds on it. The chronograph with a diameter of 41 mm is the largest model at the same time striking, male. There are different variants offered: A sporty stainless steel watch, an elegant rose-gold watch, and a watch made of these two materials. The bracelets can be made of steel, red gold or even crocodile leather.

The new face of Longines

The new watch was presented in Chantilly, Hong Kong, Royal Ascot and Dubai in various races. Longines is the second year in a row the timekeeper and partner in the Prix de Diane Longines Event with more than 40,000 people. Despite the crowds the new partner of Longines stands out strongly: Simon Baker, the new face of Longines. A man that embodies the elegance and grace of Longines. But also Kate Winslet can be seen with their new Longines watch and worthily represents the brand’s image, according to Andre Agassi, Stefanie Graf, Aishwarya Rai Bachchan and Chi Ling Lin and Aaron Kwok.

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