From a tragic accident to a unique company

The unique history of the luxury watch company Linde Werdelin began unfortunately rather tragic. In 1996, Jorn Werdelin was surprised by bad weather when skiing, got lost and had finally a ski accident and was injured. But in 2002, he created a company that should prevent these kinds of accidents, but how? The luxury watches company founded by Jorn Werdelin and Morten Linde have the goal to design watches for diving and skiing, that show at the right time the right and necessary information.

The spider family

The Spider Collection of Line Werdelin presents a unique skeleton what in three-D. The inspiration for this watch came from a car race. But that was not the only influence factor! The Guggenheim Museum has also contributed his share, since the roof resembles a spider web, and that can be almost found on the watch again. The watches embody the exact values for which the luxury watch company Linde Werdelin stands for: innovation, unique workmanship and a beautiful design.

The family of instruments

Those who are looking for a long time for the undeniable sport watch can finally find it. The models in the instruments collection of Linde Werdelin combine analog and digital technologies, and form unique watches and precision instruments. There are two different instruments: One specializes in the mountains and one dedicated to the underwater world. If your next vacation should go to the high mountains or if you want to dive into the vast ocean, you will have a new companion that should not be missed: the Rock or the Reef made by Linde Werdelin.