Presented at Basel this year, the SpidoSpeed is a chronograph that takes its cues from the SpidoLite and its skeltonized case. One of the most difficult parts of the process was construction of the case, which is  composed of 32 parts. At first glance you might not even know this is a chrono because the pushers are tucked away out of sight and out of the way at the usual positions of 2 and 4 o’clock.

Apparently the model at Basel needed an adjustment for ease of use, making the angles more comfortable to push and allowing the trademark digital instruments to fit on the case: The Rock for skiing and The Reef for diving. Well, Linde Werdelin has announced they have perfected this element. After all a chronograph must, well, chrono, if you know what I mean.

So a little bit more about the watch, which is a real treat to behold as it’s got a lot of depth with 10 layers for a 3-dimensional look. Morten Linde, one of the founders—which you obviously know from the name of the company—has this to say: “Adding as many as ten layers on the dial alone

Accentuates the 3-Dimensional experience. The ability of the eye to focus on millimeters makes the SpidoSpeed experience most interesting.”

Designing a chronograph is a natural evolution to the brand’s models and Linde Werdelin sought to create a piece that not only incorporated the dynamic and iconic chrono complication, but also was easy to read, unlike some cramped representations.

Since chronographs and racing have quite a love affair, Linde Werdelin continued the relationship by the detail of the material on the dial, which was used in racing car dashboards in the 1940’s. The small holes on the sub-dials are meant to resemble brake discs and the strap with their round cut-outs reference driving gloves.

Through the sapphire crystal caseback you can see the custom made integrated chrono automatic movement made by Concepto. It has a cool looking rotor made in the style of the case.

The SpidoSpeed comes in 3 versions: SpidoSpeed Steel, Black DLC and Rose Gold Titanium DLC  and retail for €11,760, €12,360 and €16,560 respectively. Perhaps you might think them pricey, but you’re getting an original design with unique attachments and an integrated chrono from a creative independent.