A luxury watch company based in Pforzheim, Germany

The German luxury watch company was founded more than 80 years ago, in 1924, by Karl Ickler in the German watchmaker city Pforzheim. The watches are very high-quality mechanical timepieces, which are marked with the symbol “Made in Germany”. The first watches were produced for private labels, but soon it came up that the company wants to sell its own watches, and the result was the founding of the brand Limes.

The functions of the watch are impressive and the design of the various collections will appeal to everyone. The luxury watch company has currently four different collections: classic, elegant, sporty and exceptionally.


The luxury watch collection Chypros can be categorised as classic. Simple shapes and simple colors like black, white and silver. The dial also displays a small date window at the 6 o ‘clock position and no numbers except for the 12 are displayed.


With the luxury watch Pharo still a classic watch is made, but this series shows more exclusivity and elegance, as the simple classic. The collection includes everything starting by a three-hand watch with date to a full calendar chronograph with a moon phase. The elegance that is showed by the watch comes from the dial that is very filigree and embodies pure elegance.


The Limes Endurance watches are sporty, robust and precise watches that are resistant to a depth of 1000m. But they do not have only diving watches, but also watches with an design for rally enthusiasts.


Artemisa is the women’s collection of Limes. , Named after the female painter the collection is bursting with feminine elegance. The dials are covered with either pearl or diamond or with fine guilloshing.

Limes is a unique luxury brand, which can convince almost everybody with its good quality and special design.