“Today, a watch is intended to be more than a simple tool that gives time, a timepiece, it also becomes a handicraft, artistic, gorged and filled with feelings” Manuel Emch CEO of RJ-Romain Jerome. The brand launched the concept DNA and each collection are centered around it either historic legends (Titanic, Eyjafjallajökull …) or pop culture symbols (Tetris, DeLorean, Batman …).

Today discover with Chronollection five of the most iconic models created by RJ-Romain Jerome.

Romain Jerome Chrono Tourbillion

RJ-Romain Jerome Steampunk Tourbillon Titanic : 27 pieces
This flying tourbillon housed in a 50mm case is imbued by the steampunk codes of the brand. And the remarkable point is the piston at 9am.


RJ-Romain Jerome EYJAFJALLAJÖKULL-DNA : 99 Pieces
This model is a reference to the Icelandic volcano and its eruption in 2010 which in grounded most aircrafts in Europe. The the dial is composed of volcanic ash and steel. We can also note the aircraft shaped indexes.

BATMAN-DNA Romain Jérôme Watch

RJ-Romain Jerome BATMAN-DNA : 75 Pieces
Designed to celebrate 75 years of Batman, this model incorporates the aesthetic codes of Christopher Nolan’s trilogy in particular “The Dark Knight.” The faceted bezel recalls the famous Batmobile and the Batman logo glows in the night like the BatSign.

SPACE INVADERS® Romain Jérôme Watch

RJ-Romain Jerome SPACE INVADERS® : 78 Pieces
This black and white model in collaboration with the Taito Corporation (the developers of the game) reflects the original version of the arcade game.

TETRIS-DNA Romain Jérôme

RJ-Romain Jerome TETRIS-DNA : 84 Pieces
Also a collaboration with the developers of the game, the Tetris-DNA model pays tribute to the most famous games through tetriminos in “Clou de Paris”.