Nearly four years after the launch of its last movement , the famous Calibre 1887 , TAG Heuer has just unveiled its new Calibre!

The pearl of the LVMH group continues to expand its manufacturing capacity . The name of its new movement : Calibre 1969. A tribute to the founder Jack Heuer , who as a pioneer with his partners unveiled the first automatic chronograph , the Calibre 11 , in … 1969. In those days , and as it has always been since that period – the Calibre 11 was housed in the square case of the legendary Tag Heuer Monaco .

The variations of this model, Calibre 12 , 14 and 15 have always been among the most innovative inventions of the famous timepiece brand.

With the Calibre 1887 and Calibre 1969 , TAG Heuer can fully maintain its leadership in the field of chronographs as the manufacturing of the two movements will exceed 50,000 units this year and is expected to double in just three years!

These figures are staggering making TAG Heuer the largest producer of serial Swiss chronographs.