A watch for the important moments 

Hermès has unveiled during the last Baselworld their “Dressage L’heure Masquée “watch. 

A watch with a very elegant case and which, at first sight, has only one hand for minutes. Impossible 

to know what time it is! You only need a simple gesture by pressing the pushbutton integrated to the 

crown. The button will display a hand hidden under the big one but also a second time zone located 

at six. 

This little game gives to this timepiece a more mysterious look and perfectly symbolizes the journey 

celebrated by Hermès this year. 

To create this unique model, Hermes has been inspired by the first clocks of the 15th and 16th 

Centuries as well as by the pocket watches. 

The “Heure Masquée” watch makes the discovery of hours and minutes very playful, and allows us to 

play with our perception of time. Thus, we create our own relationship with time, between freedom 

and control. 

The “Heure Masquée” watch is equipped with an exclusive and patented Caliber: the H1925 with a 

self-winding movement, completed by a power reserve of 45 hours. 

The “Dressage L’heure Masquée” watch is limited to 1 500 pieces only (1,000 in steel and 500 in rose 


It will soon be available in Hermès shops worldwide. The Steel edition will be priced at € 15,700 

whereas the price for the rose gold version will be roughly € 32,900. 

The “Dressage L’heure Masquée” watch is a tribute to poetry, perfect for this springtime season, that 

makes us want to wander around and take our time… 




To continue the journey, visit the website of the Maison Hermès.