Founded in 1858 by the Ditisheim brothers, the Manufacture Vulcain has a unique place in the exclusive world of luxury watchmaking. The brand is known for its iconic models such as the legendary Cricket Calibre that has been dubbed “the watch of Presidents” to have been worn by many presidents of the United States of America: Truman, Eisenhower, Nixon and Johnson. Innovating while remaining true to its history and its expertise in watchmaking, is the objective that motivates master watchmakers of the Manufacture Vulcain.

Carl Friedrich Bucherer, entrepreneur and businessman, opened its first watches and jewelry store in Lucerne with his wife Luise in 1888. Bucherer is now the largest retailer of watches and jewelery in Europe with stores in Switzerland, Germany and Austria, and a range comprising more than 50 000 different references. This expansion is based on three founding pillars of the reputation of the house:

An activity at the heart of world of jewelry and watches.
An established reputation jeweler.
A strong watchmaker identity with the Carl F. Bucherer brand, the heir and custodian of expertise exception.

Bucherer opened in 2013 its new exceptional boutique in the heart of Paris. The creations of 24 watchmaking houses were presented to Bucherer’s customers in a unique setting. To celebrate its two years old store, Bucherer decided to redesign its interior spaces and thus to welcome new watchmakers including the Manufacture Vulcain.