Zenith introduces its latest creation: Christophe Colomb Hurricane Grand Voyage

Zenith continues its tribute to the famous explorer Christopher Columbus with a limited edition of ten pieces that will be honoring the craftsmanship of engraving and enamel. Discover it all below!

This timepiece hides many small details we cannot see at first sight, sometimes very subtle and placed on the case back. We will try to guide you through all those tiny details which are pretty remarkable.

Among the most interesting features of this watch is the representation of the Santa Maria, Columbus’ flagship on his expedition in 1492. We can notice that on the sails of the boat was incorporated, with precision, the Red Cross – wisely replaced by the Zenith star! On the side of the case, one can even admire a mini- painting of the horizon at dawn or dusk, and if you get closer, you may also discover a small wheel suggesting the sun.

It all comes together in a most impressive scene. Just think of how many hours it took the watchmakers of Zenith manufacture to create such a timepiece!

In short the 45mm rose gold is just 14.8mm thick. This timepiece is limited to 10 pieces for a price around $353,000.