Three Countries – One Watch

Before you can consider one of the beautiful luxury watch models from March LA.B as your own, the watch and its concept have had a long journey. In Biarritz, the luxury watch brand was founded. In the headquarters the basic ideas of the watches are created. Then the journey goes on to Los Angeles where the time piece gets a unique design. Finally the luxury watch will be manufactured in Switzerland. The luxury watch company has launched among other collections three important ones: the AM1-AM3 collections presenting each of the founders of March LA.B.

The first collection

At first the AM1 collection of March LA.B was born. The design of the various models is strongly reminiscent of the Sixties, with its simple but elegant design. The unique thing about this watch is the modern technology inside the watch, however, faced with the design from the 60s.

Followed by a decade

The collection AM2 is seen as something very special by March LA. B. The watches in the collection have a special form which is reminiscent of one decade later as the AM1 collection: the 70s. They embody pure charisma, and the aggressiveness and the radicalism of the Seventies that was always and everywhere present in these times. As a design basis for the watch, the designer of March LA.B used the seats in the Ford Mustang what gives the watches an absolutely retro look.

A timepiece for real gentlemen

March LA.B launched with its AM3 collection the most massive collection. The inspiration comes from the so-called muscle cars, what resulted in a movement. The strength of the movement can be found in the watch. However March LA.B made ??sure that the watch didn’t become too arrogant, and will fit in their concept.

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