A chronograph in honor of…

The world-famous luxury watch company Auguste Reymond has its origins in the 1898. The Swiss watchmaker launched at this year’s Baselworld its new model, the Jazz Age Moonphase Chronograph. With the chronograph Auguste Reymond would like to recall two different things: one is the golden era of the luxury watch company in the 30s, and the other one are the exciting years of Jazz.

The characteristics of the 30s

The dial is made of silver and is guilloche and the numbers are designed from Auguste Reymond in Roman numbers. The case is made of silver as well as the dial and reminds with the riffles on the side of the case strongly on the 30s. Also the connection between the brown leather strap and the case is a typical feature of these years.

Particular complications

The chronograph of Auguste Reymond shows a calendar and various chronographs complications, a small seconds and 24-hour indicator at 9 clock position. There is also a 30 minute counter, a day and month display as well as the moon phase. The caliber that was used for this new chronograph is a Valjoux 7751 caliber. All in all the watch is a beautiful timepiece, which revives with its design and beauty on the golden ages of Jazz.