The presentation of the watch Bird Repeater was followed by an exposition organized by the luxury watch manufacture Jaquet Droz in the boutique Tourbillon situated in the Russian capital.

The heralds of spring

The winter cold starts to retreat while the spring sun is already heating the city of Moscow. The timepieces of the collection Les Ateliers d’Art by Jaquet Droz announce the arrival of nice weather. This series consists of elegant watches with subtle golden figures of birds on the dials. The figures of birds are first cast in gold and then undergo the hand treatment of the skilled masters of Jaquet Droz manufacture. The background for this spring scenes is made of pearl or onyx.

A variety of the exposed models

The exposition also includes the luxury watch articles of a special Russian line by Jaquet Droz. In particular there are watches with the image of the Kremlin or a brown bear on the dial. Other sport, classical and jewelry models are also accessible to public thanks to this exposition. However, the famous watch Jaquet Droz Bird Repeater is still not available in Russia.

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