The independent german watchmaking brand, MeisterSinger, has its fans and its critics but one thing is sure, they managed to carve out a nice place for themselves in the niche market of single-hand mechanical watches. Today they unveil a new model, the MeisterSinger Neo Plus, a larger and welcome addition to the Neo collection.

A slim, minimalist and vintage watch

The german factory is known for its minimalist single-hand watches bringing you back to the basics. This new model is no different and features the usual style of the brand. Yet we definitely like the size increase, especially when compared to its precursor. The case of the Neo Plus goes from the Neo’s 36 mm to a nice 40 mm for our greatest delight.

Be reassured, even though the size changes, the style remains the same and the watch is still slim, sober and elegant. The thin bezel and large dial blend together to give the illusions that the watch is bigger than it actually is. It should suit those who avoid large and thick pieces and it might very well fit the ladies thanks to its unisex design.


Une seule aiguille pour un style différent.

The charms of the single-hand

The dial displays MeisterSinger usual refined design, going very well with the minimalism of the single-hand. The hand rotates in a smooth manner over the sober and efficient Arabic numerals and the subtle round date window at 6 o’clock. Overall the watch looks deliciously vintage without trying too hard and reminds us of the 50’s. This new model is available in 5 different colours : ivory, black, sunburst sapphire blue, sunburst green and opaline silver. It is worn either on a suede or leather strap.

It is worth noting that the single-hand might not fit meticulous people and those who cannot stand approximations. But it’s pretty much what makes this particular type of watch attractive and what we love about it. A global and rough display of time focusing on what’s essential instead of giving time too much importance.


Les différentes couleurs disponibles de la MeisterSinger Neo Plus.The Neo Plus should be available soon for around 1.300 euros at MeisterSinger.