The new model shows some improvements

The luxury watch enterprise Hyt based in Switzerland is already known for its unusual and unique watches. This year at the Baselworld the new time piece was presented by Hyt. The model H2 is the successor of the H1 that was launched one year earlier. Hyt used for the new luxury watch almost the same technology that was applied for the old model. But the H1 was created in co-operation with Jean-Francois Mojon/Chronode while the newest model was constructed in co-operation with AP Renaud &Papi.

The system of reservoirs and bellows

Hyt uses for the inner life of the H2 watch a system of reservoirs and bellows. This means the “normal” watch mechanisms of the watch was used normally but at the same moment also the legendary liquids system that was already used in the H1 from Hyt. This system makes it possible that the hour can be read at the so-called little capillary tube where the liquid moves like the hands of a watch moves. Brand new for the H2 is temperature display of the liquid at the 9 o’clock position.

Something unique

The model is simply at all points really particular, like the case diameter of 48.8 mms already proves. Due to the large size of the watch Hyt could integrate several complications and didn’t run out of space. The design of the watch case is also very exclusive and unique due to the DLC covered titanium. The special optics of the watch are supported by the use of partly brushed and matted parts and the sapphire glass that is used on both sides, the watch simply has a sporty and unique character.