A unique design

Founded in 2005, the Swiss watch company, Maximilian Büsser and Friends plays an important role in the development of luxury watches in their own league. It is a watch company that respects the tradition in the production of watches, but at the same time uses new technologies and an unprecedented design. They handle used parts for the creation of their watches but these parts are put together in a completely new way that characterizes the uniqueness of the watch.

The concept MbandF

The company’s founder Maximilian Büsser has worked after his master’s degree in Micro technology engineering for the luxury watch company Jaeger-LeCoultre. He also worked at the jewels and luxury watch brand Harry Winston. At that time, Harry Winston was producing on a new collection: the Opus and Büsser started to make new partnerships with innovative young watch manufacturers. The basic idea for the concept MbandF was born: with a team, his “Friends” he started to create watches or rather how he likes to call the watches: “Horological Machines “.

Lamborghini Miura, Lotus Esprit and the Lancia Stratos

Each year there is a new “machine” launched by the house MbandF. A very special watch is the HM5 – On the Road Again (Horological Machine No. 5). At first, when they developed the HM5, the case of the watch was designed. Only after the finished design, the company started to develop the inner life, the movement. The origins of the model can be connected with the car models of the 70s: the Lamborghini Miura, the Lotus Esprit and the Lancia Stratos. The special feature of this watch is the angle at which you read the time. With its 90° display that is vertically inclined towards you, it does not show the time to anybody. But if you are wearing it, you can easily read the time and can be simply seen as a visual highlight.