A watchmaking story of 200 years 


The Swiss watchmaking brand Manufacture Royale was founded in 1770 by the famous philosopher 

and French entrepreneur Voltaire. The brand established their atelier in Ferney, a place located close 

to Geneva. 

More than 4,000 handmade watches came out of the Manufacture by the end of the 18th century. 

The greatest watchmakers like Jean- Antoine Lépine collaborated to create unique and exceptional 

timepieces. These timepieces embody High Watchmaking while incorporating highly innovative 


The Manufacture Royale timepieces are at the same time symbols of high watchmaking technology, 

but also visual artwork. The design of these timepieces is always perfectly controlled with gold 

engraved and enameled cases

Since 2010, the Manufacture Royale watches continue to impress watchmaking experts while 

celebrating the art of watchmaking. Today, the atelier of the brand is now located in the heart of the 

Swiss Jura. The greatest watchmakers continue the legacy of watchmaking of Manufacture Royale by 

producing confidential models with very sophisticated style. 


1770 emblematic model 


The emblematic 1770 model is a tribute to the foundation of Manufacture Royale. This model has 

entirely been developed in Switzerland and symbolizes the visionary spirit of its founders. 

The 1770 timepiece features a movement of high watchmaking and houses a beautiful flying 

tourbillon. The caliber of the 1770 model is called MR03 and features the famous flying tourbillon. 

This flying tourbillon was invented by Abraham- Louis Breguet in 1800 and designed to optimize the 

performance of the time measurement. 

The flying tourbillon is a technical achievement: it is connected to the movement by a single 

attachment point. The unusual positioning of the flying tourbillon creates a unique visual tension 

giving it a whole personality. The 1770 model features a power reserve indicator of 108 hours. The 

MR03 caliber is wound manually and houses no more than 208 components! 

The steel model of the 1770 is declined with anthracite dial or pierced slate while the rose gold

version has a silvered opaline dial. Each timepiece is sold with an alligator strap and clasp type 



Manufacture Royale timepieces are always characterized by very complex design cases and 

recognizable at first glance. The 1770 watch case is very unique because it consists of multiple details 

which are part of a mobile structure. One could even say that this type of housing synthesized the art 

of watchmaking design. 






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