It is once again in line with  innovation-tinged with a refreshing and pleasant note of subtility, that Hermès, centenary in prestige watchmaking, stands out with its all-new Arceau suspended time models.

 Available in Steel and Rose Gold Versions with 38mm cases, crimped or not crimped , with bracelets available in either gray alligator, indigo, agate or embers, “The suspended time” has a unique complication, a mechanical movement present within the manufacturing house H1912, and protected by not less than two patents. With a simple touch, time disappears and is replaced by a fixed time, hands-minutes-seconds are immobilized around 12 o clock. A true ode to stop time, that some may interpret as a firing sunset or a setting midnight, which then freezes the life inside the case. A time oblivion …

 However, Hermes does nothing to freeze its mechanism: again one simple touch then returns the hands on the actual time that the movement has always kept track of. As a return to reality, and like the feeling of having, for one moment, escaped but not stolen time : that of liberty. 

A dream of being able to stop time, a dream of a lifetime … finally accessible. A wonderful gift, to be given….or to treat yourself.