The new Chronograph

The luxury watch company Fortis celebrates this year its 100th birthday. In honor of the birthday the Fortis Chronograph Alarm Automatic was launched again. This unique masterpiece, the Chronograph Alarm GMT caliber F-2012, was developed and has now many additional complications, and a beautiful design.

The Flieger collection

The model belongs to the Fortis Flieger collection, a sporty elegant collection where each watch model is limited to 100 pieces. The F-43 Flieger Chronograph Alarm GMT has two displays for the power reserves: one for the movement and one for the alarm. Also, a second time zone can be set with the crown. The model has been certified by the C.O.S.C .and once again the luxury watch company has clearly shown why they are so successful for 100 years.

Once being without gravity

To thank the loyal customers of Fortis, the luxury watch company, has launched a contest. First-place award is a place in a parabolic flight. To feel once in your life how it is to float in zero gravity and not being pulled back by the gravity. An amazing feeling! Moreover the luxury watch company offers for the second place the beautiful B-42 Official Cosmonauts Chronograph. And how can you win? Simply doing a creative work that is related to the space! Go out of your box and you will win!

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