As it does every year, Hamilton will present its new watch designs at Baselworld. From the 25th of April until the 2nd of May, visitors to the trade fair will have the chance to discover brand new creations, some of whose features Hamilton has already begun to introduce.

Hamilton watches: renowned for offering excellent value for money

If the new watches Hamilton brings out each year particularly capture the fairgoers’ attention, it is because of the great value that those watches represent. This year Hamilton will introduce some GMT models, both regulator and skeletised, as well as a new Khaki Aviation.

Features of the first models revealed

Hamilton is welcoming its first regulator into the fold. Modelled on the Valjoux 7750, it has a movement with a 60-hour battery reserve and a 42mm steel case.

The Viewmatic Skeleton watch, with its 40mm dial and a strap of leather or metal, is to be presented as one of the prize contenders.

The Khaki Aviation QNE watch, with its aged-leather strap bears the aviation alphabet on the back of its case.

Finally, the Spirit of Liberty Autochrono comes with a 42mm steel case, a parchment-like screen and a strap of aged leather

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