A limited collection

The Swedish luxury watch company Gustafsson and Sjogren launches in April l2013 his new collection: the Winter Night collection. The collection is limited to 10 pieces and beats itself once again with their lovely design that is achieved by the use of Damascus steel.

Damascus steel

The luxury watch is completely made of Damascus steel: The case, dial and crown. Damascus steel is a special steel Art where various kinds of irons and steels will be used. According to the special treatment of the metals the different kind of metals will be silhouetted against each other and will form wavy lines. For the Winter Night watches from Gustafsson and Sjogren this method was used and it was accomplished entirely by hand.

Awarded by the Geneva Seal

The Winter Night watch has a manual movement that is in house-made. The case diameter of the watch has 45mm and the diameter of the dial 36mm. The power reserve is displayed on the back of the watch and has 72 hours power reserve. In addition, the beautiful time piece is awarded by the Geneva Seal.

The luxury watch company offers its customers the opportunity to purchase either the watch with a colored or white-black dial. Due to the hand-folded process each watch is a unique timepiece, and it is not possible to create exactly the same one again because of the wavelike lines that emerge by folding the metal.