The famous luxury brand Gucci often participates in the environment protection campaigns. Here is another appeal made by Gucci is its Bamboo series including the Gucci Bamboo watch.

What’s so special about the Gucci Bamboo watch?

Gucci Bamboo watch is an extremely refined and elegant model. It’s a unique combination of such materials as stainless steel, bamboo and silver. This quartz watch is a real personification of femininity and tenderness. This watch demands attention and care as bamboo is very sensitive to water exposure. The price of Gucci Bamboo watch is about $995.

The Bamboo concept of Gucci with a historical background

The Bamboo concept was developed by Gucci during the Second World War. The material was imported from China to Italy where it underwent a complicated process of heating and modeling. The originality and uniqueness, the semi-tones and texture are reached due to the manual processing of this delicate material. The final assemblage is made in the world-famous watchmaking capital of Switzerland, in Chaux-de-Fonds. The idea of Bamboo accessories creation got its second life thanks to Gucci Creative Director Frida Giannini. Gucci Bamboo watch is today available in three color solutions: with a black, brown or silver sun-brushed dial.

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