The luxury watch world longs for the day of March, 30th 2013 when a new prestigious watch will be launched. How is the collaboration of G-SHOCK and Maison Martin Mariela carried out? We look into the details!

The history of cooperation

Recently Maison Martin Mariela has had a tendency to work in collaboration with different famous brands like H&M. It could make the world discover its own watches but obviously it aims at a more refined and well-off audience now. So that’s the reason why we’re waiting for the fruit of collaboration of Maison Martin Mariela and G-SHOCK on the occasion of the 30th anniversary of the watch brand Maison Martin Mariela.

The fruit of collaboration, what is it about?

The luxury watch presented by the two brands will be available as an art of a limited edition of 3000 examples. It is a skeleton watch with a rather spectacular LED illumination. This watch is shock and water resistant. It is based on the movement of GA-300 enclosed in the matt silver case. The luxury timepiece will be accompanied by a removable polished silver leather bracelet which provides a mirror effect. Every watch belonging to this limited series will have its own number engraved on the back together with the logo of Maison Martin Mariela.

The G-SHOCK brand belongs to the Casio group. Find other watches of Casio: