Why the watches don’t hold market value and how he intends to solve these problems.

Just a few short weeks ago, Girard-Perregaux pulled back the curtain on their Manifesto of Time at TimeCrafters. Orchestrated by watchmaker Dominique Loiseau, the Manifesto aims to bring Girard-Perregaux to the next level and differentiate them from the crowded pack of brands jostling for customer dollars. They promise some new watches like we’ve never seen before. While we are cautious about such grand claims, we remain open-minded to what Girard-Perregaux will present at SIHH Baselworld 2013.

At the TimeCrafters show we had the opportunity to sit down with Sowind Group CEO Michele Sofisti and ask him some tough questions. Sowind Group owns Girard-Perregaux. In our interview Sofisti admits Girard-Perregaux has some problems with their image and branding, which affects after market value. See how he addresses this and other challenging issues in the video below.

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