On September 5, was released Mary Kom, a Bollywood movie produced by Sanjay Leela Bhansali. The Swiss brand Gc Watches is very proud to announce its partnership with this highly anticipated movie.

The movie features the ex-Miss World and award-winning actress Pryanka Chopra, who plays the world boxing champion Mary Kom.

The movie traces her course; starting from nothing she achieves the feat of winning five times in a row the world boxing champion title. During one of the movie central scenes, Mary Kom gives her father a watch to celebrate her first victory.

The watch which appears in this scene is a GC-1 Class. This model represents perfectly the brand “Smart Luxury” philosophy which accompanies the one that wears it through his personal success. Ivana Perovic, CEO of AP Group, which is responsible of Gc Watches distribution in India, is very proud to be associated with this movie. While celebrating the success of Mary Kom, the GC-1 Class embodies beauty and elegance.

Mary Kom is also an excellent oportunity to present the Gc Fivers Chic for women which has been choosed as the movie official watch. Like the heroin Mary Kom, the Gc Divers Chic is both sporty and extremely feminine.

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