The emergence of the cooperation between Ball and BMW

For a long time the family Ball stands for the manufacture of sophisticated luxury watches that can be worn in all situation of life. The acquisitions of the luxury watch company clearly embodies the vision of Ball: watches of Ball were standing for the pioneering spirit of the United States and were primarily designed for travelers that moved with the railroad. But the Ball watch company continued to develop steadily and thus the idea of moving from the rails on the streets came up. So why not working together with a luxury car brand that has the same background as Ball and along with this brand can create unique luxury watches? That was the decisive point which led to the collaboration between BMW and Ball.

Ball and BMW design a new luxury watch collection

The harmonious interplay of the two luxury companies has already been shown in various collections, but the new luxury watch collection of Ball and BMW surpasses once again themselves with the design of the watch that shows elegance and a narrow width. In addition, the brand has tried to transfer the famous lines of a BMW to its cutting ability and its dynamics on the design of the luxury watch. The goal was to let show the watch identity and emotions. The shape of the watch has been created, for example, the shape of the hood of a BMW. The most important aspect of that watch is the anti-shock system that protects the movement against impacts. The watch as a whole reflects the logo of BMW. The colours of the watch play also an important role: they were used as contrasting colours and with a special technique; it is easily possible to read the time at night.

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