The name Fonderie 47

After the automatic Kalashnikov, type assault rifle, has had its day in parts of Europe and America, the arms have found a new home: Africa. A weapon, that is almost everywhere accessible in Africa and which is sold very cheap. Exactly these weapons lead to thousands of deaths every year in Africa, sometimes women and children. The jewelry and luxury watch company, Fonderie 47 has made it his business to fight against the abuse of arms in Africa. Hence accrue the name of the company. Fonderie 47 – AK47 Kalashnikov automatic.

Inversion Principal

The project against the abuse of arms started in 2009. The company, Fonderie 47, went into the war zones in Africa and bought quantities of weapons. These were destroyed directly. The steel of the weapons was further utilized to create a whole new material. With this material, the company has designed something completely elegant, a complete transformation of the ugly weapons into a beautiful watch.

But not only the material was redesigned. The topic of dispute, conflict and war has been transformed, as well. From the hard steel weapons, Swiss luxury mechanical watches were created what is called the inversion principal.

Swiss precision work

In the city Swiss Vallée de Jour, the company Fonderie 47 is producing its watches in a small watchmaking farm where watches are poduced since 1853. Also there a transformation can be recognized: from an old watchmaker’s workshop to a modern watchmaking manufacture that is typical in that region. There watches will be sold as something unique and inimitable for each customer.

With each watch, which is sold by the company Fonderie 47, 1000 Kalashnikovs were bought in African war zones where they will be destroyed. Hopefully this will help a little to stop the war and to give peace to all the inhabitants.