The story of Valbray started five years ago at the crossroads of two enthusiasts destiny: an engineer
and a designer. Both of them come from a rich experience in the luxury industry and shared interest
in the world of watchmaking. Côme de Valbray and Olga Corsini decided to create Valbray in order to
offer their creativity in an independent way.
The Vabray system is inspired by the world of photography and especially the “intensity diaphragms.”
The Oculus concept was designed to allow each watch to offer two different visions of the time.
Today, we wanted to share with you a selection of different Oculus timepieces designed by Valbray.
To discover below…




Oculus Hypnosis Blue Soldierv1-hypnosis-blue


Oculus Achro Black Soldatachro-black-soldat

Oculus Achro Gray Soldierachro-gray-soldat

Oculus Silver Soldierargentique-soldat

Oculus Devil Soldierdevil-soldat



Oculus Hypnosis Orange Soldierhypnosis-orange-soldat

Oculus V1 Race PVDv1-race-pvd


Oculus V1 Red Goldv1-red-gold


Oculus Grand Dateur Blue Soldiercool-blue-soldatv2-cool-blue


Oculus Grand Dateur Gold Soldiergold-tie-soldat v2-gold-tie

For more informations, please visit the Valbray website