Founded in 2011 by three friends, French watchmaker fob Paris offers an alternative approach to traditional watchmaking by reinventing a timeless object, the pocket watch. Aurélien Caron, Laurent Aziz and Sari Hijji, the brand creators and exclusive designers all studied engineering. Friends for more than ten years, the three men always loved to create together.

The brand history begins in 2009 while they were still students. It is thanks to a friend who inherited his grandfather’s pocket watch that the idea of fob Paris was born. It’s the history of this object, its technicality and aestheticism that attract them and led them to make the pocket watch the brand symbol. “We got to watchmaking thanks to the pocket watch. We were fascinated by this emblematic object and we wanted to modernize it to make it an object we would wear” explains Sari Hijji.


fob Paris creation is also a tribute to French watchmaking. France was in the past considered the watchmaking world capital and preserved from this period its expertise and strong image. All the brand creations are hand assembled in their Parisian atelier. Gilders, engravers … fob Paris calls upon many Parisians craftsmen which operates on the brand watches and accessories.

fob Paris differentiates itself from its competitors by the unique vision of its creators, which relies on the design, the brand universe and the lifestyle they propose to their clients. fob Paris pocket watches are all unisex, and can be worn around the neck as well as in the pocket. Around the pocket watch, core product and brand symbol, fob Paris creates a range of accessories such as leather or metal cuffs, necklace and pendants… to which combine the fob Paris watches. “We conceive our watches both as real watchmaking pieces and fashion accessories. Through our creations, what we propose is a different way to appropriate and wear watchmaking” explains Sari Hijji.

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fob Paris divides its offer in a trilogy, three collections telling a same story. The first collection Rehab, commercialized since 2012, refers to the origin of the brand which rehabilitated the pocket watch to make it a modern and precious fashion accessory. The second collection Echoes, is in fact the first episode of the trilogy. It tells the story of the Rehab collection’s conception. Commercialized from 2015, this collection will be accompanied by the launch of the brand new creation, the wrist watch. The third collection, post-Rehab, will be commercialized in 2016.

Thanks to its special approach to watchmaking, fob Paris attracts many artists and designers’ attention. The brand especially collaborated with three of them to give birth to unique models. Since the launch of its first collection fob Paris is distributed in more than 60 stores around the world and in some of the most prestigious department stores worldwide.

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