Independent designers

The young Swiss luxury watch brand Dwiss was founded in 2000 by the Brazilian Rafal Simoes Miranda. But he didn’t do it completely on his own. There were other independent designers and employees integrated. The style of the brand is very unique. The luxury watches are on one side and very aesthetic and ergonomic designed and on the other side very innovative. A perfect mix!


The collection Emme of Dwiss is the first collection that was launched by the company. The Gents are made of steel and have a diameter of 43mm. In addition, the models are available in 5 different color combinations. For the assembly of the watch the luxury watch company used nine parts, which are held together with 23 screws. This is an exceptional skill of Dwiss and therefore their own patent.

Classique Brasilia

The Calssique Collection includes a limited edition model of Dwiss. This was manufactured in 18k gold in honor of Brazil and is only 5 times available. The actual model that is in the collection is the CBBM model. This watch model was created in collaboration with the Brazilian niobium mine which is the largest worldwide. Together they created the first watch, made of this material.