A big surprise is the new Swatch Model

When the Baselworld 2013 was approaching, the speculation about the new models of various brands increased and the expectations went higher and higher. This was also the fact for the Swatch model. But actually everybody expected a simple Swatch watch: a normal watch with three hands with bold colors and a simple watch case. But then there was the big surprise: The Swatch model Sistem51.

The number 51

The Sistem51 from Swatch has an automatic movement with a power reserve of 90 hours. In addition, as the name already says there is something going on with the number 51. This number is the lucky number of the brand Swatch and was integrated in the concept of the watch. Only 51 components were used to produce the watch. An incredible number, there are watches with 600 or more components.

The center of the dial, where one screw holds everything together represents the sun and thus the center of the universe. It is linked to the ideas of Copernicus and transfers his ideas from his times in our contemporary modernity.

As always transparent – but this time different

Another special feature is the transparency of the watch. This is for the Swatch models nothing unique and new, since many models had transparent dials or backs, but this watch is equipped with an automatic movement. An automatic movement works differently because it is driven by the flywheel and thus provides us an insight into the depths of the movement and its functionality, and can be almost seen a bit mystical.

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