Cvstos ChronoII Carbon Honolulu

Ever since 2013, CVSTOS is “one of the main official sponsors” of the Hawaiian THRIATHLON in Honolulu, and in this drive, the CVSTOS House, inspired by the Hawaiian atmosphere, wishes to participate at the new TRAITHLON with this new model in order to honour all the men and women who make up this universe of high physical and mental impact. This timepiece is dedicated to the competitor, to his better management of efforts and performance during any such race (swimming, running, and cycling).

 Cvstos ChronoII Carbon Honolulu

It therefore naturally follows that the CARBON HONOLULU has the same performance goals in our obsessive pursuit of lightness.

This tireless search for applied state-of-the-art technologies has guided CVSTOS towards the implementation of this new material now used in various fields of application such as aerospace, or in the car racing racing, or even in the very closed circle of hyper-cars used to create the chassis which has to meet all kinds of demands.

 Cvstos ChronoII Carbon Honolulu

The result… A basic search for lightness and stiffness. Yet another new challenge for CVSTOS, animated by these state-of-the-art technologies.

Based on this new concept, the CARBON HONOLULU, sober and sleek, either carved by the latest technologies or created from moulds or materials arranged in random form, with a specific mixture of carbon fibres (black) and coloured nano-fibre glass (red, blue, orange, etc.) and Epoxy resins, from which any forms of air bubbles are eliminated either from the resin mixture, or the fibres’ overlays to finally obtain a homogeneous and compact mass, treated after transformation through the last cooking process in the autoclave oven at a controlled atmosphere and temperature. When exiting the oven, each timepiece has its own aesthetic, or even its own digital fingerprint, as we may say…

Cvstos  ChronoII  Carbon HonoluluThus a new standard of exclusivity is born and established, giving this new model of an elegance and of an incomparable style, a sporting prowess.

CVSTOS reinvents with Carbon Honolulu, the new codes of avant-garde elegance in perpetually changing philosophy by doing today what others will be tomorrow…