This watch was first introduced in 2009, to celebrate 50 years of this legendary collection

The watch is presented with a grade 5 titanium case. So this is aclock ultratough, and difficult to make. The material which is manufactured provides physical conditions ideal for a perfect sound of the alarm.

The caliber CO 010 which comes equipped with the Admiarl’s Cup Tourbillon Minute Repeater 45 has required two full years of development and tuning, so that Corum has had to resort to a dozen of his finest watchmakers. For decoration have been required over 160 hours as well as for assembly and regulation of its 331 pieces. Each element has been studied in detail for the sole purpose of ensuring the accuracy of the clock, and the beauty of their sound, both in terms of power (in decibels) of its accuracy (pitch ofthenotes) and the reverberation of their wealth and (the duration of each note).

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