An elegant and practical accessory for women

The origins of the style of Mademoiselle Chanel were picked to create beautiful watches. The basic features are clearly visible: a simple shape, special colour and a selection of well-read materials. The shapes of watches are pure and captivate, with their colour combination of black and white the elegance was underlined. These classic colours are accented with diamonds and jewels, which also emphasize the boldness of the materials.

“Première Flying Tourbillon”

An outstanding example of the interaction between the timepiece and jewellery is the “Première Flying Tourbillon” created by Chanel, which can merge the jeweller craft with the art of watchmaking. The luxury watch is made of 228 diamonds that are embedded in an 18 carat gold case. The inspiration for the clear and brilliant shapes and lines of the clock, were given by the shape of the Place Vendôme and the closure of the bottle of the famous perfume, Chanel No. 5 as a basis.

The love of flowers

At the 6-clock position is a flying tourbillon, one of the most sophisticated and complicated mechanism of watchmaking. The movement is made by Audemars Piguet, who has designed already several movements for Chanel. The black dial is aerated by the tourbillon, with the form of a Camélia. The Asian flower represents purity and longevity, and was once the favourite flower of Coco Chanel. The piece of jewellery and watch is completed with a crocodile strap and can be obtained only in a limited edition.

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