Founded in 2006, Cecil Purnell is a niche independent brand which has rapidly succeeded to assume a seat in the front row, amongst the best watchmakers in the world, thanks to its unique philosophy based on respect for know-how and tradition of the watchmaking art, leading it to produce only Tourbillon movements. Since 2009, Cecil Purnell is also very proud to manufacture its own caliber, allowing them to get the micro-manufacture status and giving it an advantage towards the other brands. This status provides Cecil Purnell with an independence, which enables it to fully dedicate itself to the principles guiding the niche brand: respect for traditional know-how, innovation and devotion to the true values of fine watchmaking.  The brand launches approximately one caliber per year. In 2014, Cecil Purnell presents its 5th caliber, synonymous as with every new concept, of quality and originality.  The Twin-Tourbillon mechanism places the brand in rare company.

Today, the brand is extremely proud to announce the launch of a new creation, the V17 World Time Bi-Axial Tourbillon.

This exceptional piece is equipped with a hand-wound mechanical movement animated by a bi-axial tourbillon, a system which allows compensating for influences due to gravity. Indeed, this tourbillon is composed by two cages which are rotating on two different axis, permitting the sprung-balance to rotate in all its positions. The bi-axial tourbillon also allows compensating for the chronometry problem called plat-pendu which appears when the watch is horizontal or vertical and loses its chronometric performances due to the fixed position of its rotation axis.

The watch dial is constantly animated thanks to the stirring of the balance frequency. It also displays an extraordinary and mesmerizing complication, the indication of world time: a half sphere representing a world map centered on the North Pole which comes alive and makes one revolution in 24h, and allows knowing the time in any country around the world. The design and conception of this world map are the result of a perfect control of its spatial geometry. Its realization relies on a handicraft and the intervention of several skills. As a first step, the oceans have been engraved on the spherical surface, and then the oceans outlines have been hand-finished. The colors and materials choices make this watch a harmonious and timeless piece. The second complication present on the dial is the indication of the horizon. Animated by an off-centered and spherical oscillating weight, it allows knowing the direction of gravity and therefore the horizon position.

This elegant and spectacular timepiece will be officially presented in a few days in Basel during the international watch and jewelry trade show.

V17 World Time Bi Axial

Cecil Purnell