On the 22nd September 2014, during a ceremony which took place at the Intercontinental Hotel in Madrid, the Swiss watch brand Cecil Purnell announced Carlo Ancelotti, as its worldwide ambassador. The Real Madrid manager will represent the brand, specialized in producing exclusively high-end Tourbillon watches, during the next three years.

Internationally recognized both as a football player and team manager, Carlo Ancelotti is a fervent watch aficionado. He perceives a unique connection between watchmaking and his passion, football. He discovered Cecil Purnell several years ago and was fascinated by the Tourbillon technology, the uniqueness of their models and the precision with which the brand makes watches. He compares the art of watchmaking with football, where, in both cases, you have to “focus on the little details”.


Carlo Ancelotti accepted to become brand ambassador for Cecil Purnell after meeting with Jonathan Purnell. “I felt that we could build a good partnership and so for this reason I think it’s an honor for me to partner with this fantastic company”.

To complete the partnership, Carlo Ancelotti will be involved in product development and has been given the opportunity to design ten limited edition pieces bearing his name each year. He will also attend some of Cecil Purnell’s major events as its guest of honor.


Jonathan Purnell, who founded Cecil Purnell in his grandfather’s name, is excited to work with the best manager in European football, who he considers “a true gentleman who also shares a passion and respect for his craft”. Carlo’s fortitude and integrity are highly appreciated by the brand. For both success oriented men, this promises to be an exciting partnership.


Cecil Purnell is also very proud to present a new bi-tourbillon watch, the Cecil Purnell V16 Twin Tourbillon GMT which will be revealed to the public at Basel 2015.

The Twin-Tourbillions have been designed with a contemporary regulating system, which enhances the precision of the mechanism. This system is composed of 2 gears with a spiral that guarantees the Tourbillons cages regulate each other’s speed. The Twin -Tourbillon is based on a double barrel ensuring a minimum expenditure of energy.


Conceived as a GMT, the watch has been designed to simplify the reading of home time versus local time with the hours being from separate two axes. It is activated by two different pushers and has a practical time adjustment system for daylight saving time.

The Rendez-Vous CPV-16 is a unique watch in terms of its working and finishing and offers a three dimensional view of the mechanism. Its price of more than 200.000 euros makes it a high-end piece accessible only to a fortunate few.

Cecil Purnell is not known to all, but its renown is widespread amongst the aficionados and connoisseurs. The brand is committed to the development and conception of new mechanism in order to become the Tourbillon leader in the watch industry.

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Source : Cecil Purnell