York follows the trend

For many people, caviar is one of the most delicious foods in the world. The small black beads are not only known among food lovers, but now also in the Haute Horology. With the Black Caviar Bang, Hublot has combined the fine food with the design of a watch, what was in the end a complete success. And now the luxury watch brand York follows: In a week, the Royal Black Caviar model from York will be presented at the Baselworld 2013.

Royal Black Caviar

On April 25th the elegant watch model Royal Black Caviar will be launched by the luxury watch company York. The watch consists of an 18k gold case and is equipped with 53 black diamonds that let the beautiful watch be shining. The diamonds are aligned on the bezel, which encases the elegance of the watch.

A watch is not enough…

The sleek black timepiece will be sold in a limited version of 99 pieces. In addition, the watch is not sold alone but in a special set. It contains a silver box and two silver spoons belonging to the consumption of caviar. The box is equipped with a figure of a sturgeon and was designed by Robbe & Berking. Of course, the set will be equipped with the luxury watch and fresh caviar what will be delivered directly from Prince of Schaumberg-Lippe.