The Cartier watchmakers constantly prove their skills by launching various new models of luxury watches. One of the most extraordinary ones is the Cartier ID in an absolutely transparent case. We’re looking into the details of the watchmaking art with Cartier.

Extraordinary vacuum watch

A non-professional can be confused by the transparent case of this luxury watch that seems to be the most extraordinary thing about it, but it’s not true! The case made of a material called Ceramyst, it consists of just two parts and doesn’t have any screws. The case is fixed by the pressure difference as there’s only vacuum inside of it.

Unbelievable performance lasts long

The vacuum is not just a designer but an important technical solution. The watchmakers of Cartier found out that the ordinary watch spares 75% of energy to fight with the resistance of the air we breathe. That’s the reason why the luxury timepiece Cartier ID Two is able to store 30% more energy which provides the move reserve of 32 days. Such performance is a real pride of the manufacture. The engineers guarantee that the vacuum is maintained inside Cartier ID Two during 10 years. This luxury timepiece is really exclusive and is not launched in the serial production. The numerous watchmakers of Cartier have spent 5 years to give birth to such a watch.

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