The Swiss Luxury Watch company

The family runs luxury Watch Company Carl F. Bucherer is situated in the heart of Switzerland and stands strongly behinds its independence. Since their first watch collection in 1919, it is very important for the company that all parts of the watch and its composition are done in-house. This enables the luxury watch company a unique freedom of action which results always in beautiful watch collections.

The timeless classic

A special collection of Carl F. Bucherer watches is the Manero collection. The watch of the luxury watches collection glows with elegance, but rather a cautious kind. The name comes from the Latin language, from the word “manuaria”, which means “the by the hand Guided thing”. This speaks to the inner workings of the masterpieces the movements. With the finest mechanics, the three-dimensional dials and the intricate and complex movements the watches are unique.

The Manero collection is suitable for very special people

The Carl F. Bucherer watches are especially suitable for people who do not want to prove to the outside world and to other people what they have. It is rather intended for people who delight in if they know what kind of miracle occurs in the inside of their watch when it is moving and appreciate the value of this hidden treasure.

The collection consists of nine different models. It starts with the perpetual watches in different designs, ongoing with the various monographs, central graphs until the big date, the moon phase and the automatic chronograph. A collection that cache for everyone the matching watch that is elegant, has a beautiful design and a unique interior.

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