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Breitling is a great brand of luxury watches and specialist in technical models. They sponsor famous cars such as the Bentley during the 24 Hours of Le Mans from 2001 to 2003. Moreover they are one of the leaders who developed the wrist chronograph. In addition Breitling is one of a few companies that have designed and built directly in their laboratory their own mechanical chronograph movement. The watch company Breitling was founded in Switzerland in 1884 by the engineer Leon Breitling. The luxury brand was specialized in the production of watches for aviators, what lead in the year 1936 the company to start working with the Royal Air Force together. Up to the Second World War also the naval forces of the United States of America asked to produce Breitling watches to give it to the captains of warships.

The luxury watches of Breitling include different models

and different price levels: Professional, Navitimer, Windrider, Bentley, Chronomat, Aeromarine, Navitimer. The various models Navitimer (new and second-hand), Chronomat (new and second-hand), Aeromarine (new and second-hand), can be found on the website Chronollection. The prices are related and designed for sales by professionals of luxury watches. Breitling Navitimer created in 1952, is a watch that is adopted by the drivers as it allows him to measure the fuel consumption, the fuel reserves, the duration of the flight, etc.. This watch became later the "best seller" of the Breitling. Moreover, Breitlingand Bentley share the same passion for sophisticated mechanism. The result is a fusion of technology and aesthetics. The line includes Aeromarine watches and chronographs that are required as robust and reliable, as well as a line of sport watches for people who want to own a luxury model. They are offered as new or second-hand, but they are ready to face any situation.

Among the famous faces who say they are fans of the watches of Breitling is

the football player David Beckham. He considers this unique brand as a luxury watch brand with a timeless design and which is appreciated by all generations. Another person that should be mentioned is John Travolta. He has always been faithful to Breitling watches and he shares the philosophy and all kinds of innovation. Chronollection gives you the opportunity to search and buy luxury watches of Breitling. You can find new watches of Breitling as well as second-hand watches that are certified by professionals. Mostly the watches of Breitling that will be sold through the website Chronollection will be delivered with the original box and their papers. The prices are always dependable and designed of the professionals.

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