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The name of the classic model from Blancpain comes from the name of the Geneva Lake, because its French name is Léman.

The Blancpain Leman watches are the perfect watches which can be worn on any occasion. They fit perfectly to suit the business but at the same time they fit perfect to every leisure time outfit. The model Leman from Blancpain shows as well unique class, which means that this beautiful time piece can be worn for a long time.

Searching the reason why the Leman from Blancpain is so popular comes to the result that the success is based next to the design on their complications. Firstly, all the basic functions are included in the watch, as well as special versions with the different complications like GMT function, flyback, tourbillon and many more. The Leman collection of Blancpain contains models for women and men and is designed with a case diameter of 32.5 mm to 40mm what fits on every wrist. Some dials of the Leman models are also embellished with diamonds.

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