We all need at least one nice all-rounder in our watch collection. One of those watches that doesn’t scream for attention yet is at the same time well made and high end. A watch that you can use to take the kids to the zoo but just as easily wear to the Opera. Such a watch is the Blancpain 2100 from their Leman-collection.

Yes, there are more complicated, fancier versions of this watch. Yes, it is related to the sportier Aqua Lung, but the beauty of this watch is that it isn’t all of the above. It is a top notch, well finished watch that somewhere down the road seemed to have forgotten how beautiful it actually is. This watch is an often overlooked gem that really has the power to make you smile and the people around you wonder why. Much in the way that the IWC original Yacht Club we showed you here.

The Blancpain 2100 doesn’t emphasize being a very sporty watch, nor a true classic, and as a result it is both. Its steel case with the distinct, double bezel works well, especially in combination with the silver dial that also has two more subtle levels. The hour markers are a clear sign of why the 2100 is such a great all rounder. It is a seemingly strange combination of Roman numerals, thick indices and luminova dots…but somehow it works. The same goes for the case that combines a traditional shape with a crown guard on one side and the Blancpain-name thickly engraved on the other.

The Frederic Piguet calibre 1150 inside is equally ambivalent. With a height of 3.25mm is it not a robust calibre you would like to have in your sports watch, but it is also not as thin as you perhaps would expect in your dress watch. In a sense it is both combined. The great power of this calibre are the two barrel drums that house the springs. They give the watch the very impressive power reserve of 100 hours, and that is something that is quite rare in both those robust sport calibres, as in ultra-thin dress watch movements.

So the true power of the Blancpain 2100 is that this watch is always what you need. Even its size facilitates that. The diameter of 38mm is neither too large nor too small. Where Blancpain made a clear choice was with the finish of the watch. This is of the highest level, as expected from a brand with Blancpain’s reputation.

The Blancpain 2100 time-only is unfortunately discontinued by Blancpain, and that might perhaps be even more reason to obtain one. Because how many great watches you have, there is always that need for a great all-rounder, and that is why the Blancpain 2100 is like no other!

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