Rado stays true to its strong and modern DNA with the new True Stratum jointly developed with leading Austrian designer Rainer Mutsch. The brand really put its refined, minimalistic and geometrical style into this state-of-the-art new watch unveiled at Baselworld.

Rado unveils a concave grooved dial


The 3D dial of this True Stratum plays on depth.

This new piece is part of an exclusive series of limited edition timepieces launched by the brand this year, with renowned designers each applying their individual vision to the popular Rado True. The watch displays the usual style and case shape of the True collection but adds a surprising touch to it. The black concave dial features delicate, asymmetrically arranged descending steps. It might look like a regular black dial at first, but the three dimensionality of the concave surface comes out depending on the light, always creating new reflections and gradients.

Sure, we’re into usual stripped-down-Rado-style territory, but this design differentiates itself from the brand’s other watches and we had to show it to you. This take on depth is rather interesting and makes for a great looking watch, even for those not into minimalistic and monochrome dials. Rather than playing on colours, materials or ornaments, Rado chose to play and perspective and depth.


The black dots adds depth to the design.

A matter of minimalistic design and perspective

What about that black dot on the glass ? This intriguing centered black dot metallized on the underside of the sapphire crystal only serves an aesthetic purpose but does it very well. This simple yet smart feature highlights the concave dial. The dots hovers over the dial and casts its shadow on it, adding further depth to the design. While pictures might no do it justice, the effect really does make sense when looking at the watch.

The dial is finished of with matt rhodium hour and minute hands and a yellow second hand that provide a welcomed pop of colour. the case is made in high-tech black ceramic, Rado’s signature material, liked for its scratch-resistant smooth texture. As for the mechanics, the True Stratum embarks an automatic ETA C07.611 caliber with a nice 80-hours power reserve.


A simple and smart design.