montre de plongee hamilton khaki scuba navy orange 2

For this year’s Baselworld, Hamilton chose to draw inspiration from their strong DNA and to strengthen their presence on their price segment while offering nice looking watches at an affordable price. The brand wants to appeal to newcomers looking for a first watch as well as watch lovers on a tight budget, thanks to a remarkable price positioning and great value. To do so, the brand intends to take us on a journey from the deep seas to space through its new models.

A cool diving watch with an even cooler price : Hamilton Khaki Navy Scuba

diving watch hamilton khaki scuba navy orange

Hamilton’s Khaki Navy Scuba a colourful diving watch.

Diving watches seem to be quite popular with brands and watch enthusiasts alike these days. These items used to be restricted to water-based activities but they somehow have found their way into our daily lives, be it at the office or Sunday barbecues. While remaining true to their roots, diving watches seem to improve on their look and adorn new styles. Hamilton knows it and goes with the flow with the new black and orange Khaki Navy Scuba. Inspired from its big sister, the Khaki Navy Frogman, this new version sees its dial reduced to a nice 40mm, much to our delight. It fits well on the wrist and gains in discretion thanks to its new dimensions.

The splashes of colour on the orange reference are quite nice and add just enough personality to the watch, without making it look like the watch equivalent of a traffic sign. The colour is found on a quarter of the unidirectional rotating bezel, the matching second hand and minutes track as well as on the inside of the NATO strap (which feels great on the wrist by the way). Hamilton also thought about those that might prefer a more monochromatic watch, as there is a black bezel and black dial reference with a steel bracelet available.

khaki navy scuba black and steel version

The black and steel version of the Khaki Navy Scuba.

Overall this diving watch, which can go down to a 100 meters, is pretty cool and its sporty yet classic look should fit many styles. Even better, the H-10 automatic caliber offers a 80h power reserve. What more could you ask for ? A price below the thousand mark ? Well look no further as this piece should retail for less than 800 dollars.

A journey through space with the Hamilton ODC X-03

hamilton odc x-03 jupiter interstellar 3

The Hamilton ODC X-03, an original piece featuring three different movements.

Hamilton managed to carve themselves a nice spot in the film industry. Accordingly, the brand chose to design a watch inspired from two great movies about space. One is Kubrick’s classic 2001 : A Space Odyssey, the other is the more recent but remarkable nonetheless Interstellar (which features a Hamilton watch as a key element).

Even though it is not a new piece per say and was announced for the first time some months ago, we had the opportunity to get our hands on the ODC X-03 at Baselworld. We had to share it with you, for those looking for something different. With its futuristic look and large hexagonal case in titanium with space black PVD coating, this watch might not be to everybody’s taste. Still, it fits well on the watch and feels surprisingly good for a watch this size.

hamilton odc x-03 jupiter interstellar

The dial, made of three registers that seem to orbit around the Jupiter background.

Geared towards science-fiction fans and wannabe astronauts, the watch design references Interstellar’s Endurance spaceship. It was designed by the film’s production designer and three times Oscar-nominated, Nathan Crowley. The ODC X-03 ends a trilogy of watches that has its roots in 2001: A Space Odyssey, which it also references with its beautiful photorealistic Jupiter dial. Over 120 operations were needed to build this futuristic dial, using some of the latest technologies such as 3D printing and laser engraving.

The dial is made of three sub-dials that seem to orbit Jupiter, all driven by three different movements, an automatic and two identical quartz. Even though space might not be your thing, one has to admit that the idea of a watch featuring several different movements is at least quite interesting. Also the case-back is artfully engraved with key facts on Jupiter that might prove handy if you ever get stuck in an argument on the subject with no access to Wikipedia. Limited to 999 pieces, the watch will be sold around 3.500 CHF.

hamilton odc x-03 jupiter back

The case-back is artfully engraved with key facts on Jupiter


hamilton odc x-03 jupiter interstellar

A watch drawing inspiration from 2001 : A Space Odyssey and Interstellar.