Vulcain 50s presidents' watch-tradition

Vulcain lifts the veil on its new collection presented at Baselworld 2016 with a new design and a new movement. Not less than six new watches have been exposed this year. As the key event, the evolution of the Criket alarm-calibre with four hands thanks to several months of research. So set your clocks and discover the new Vulcain timekeeper!

50s Presidents’ watch-tradition

Vulcain 50s presidents' watch-tradition

Available as four new references, these models meet the aesthetic expectations both of the brand and of its discerning clientèle, by offering a choice of subtle, ele- gant colours. Discretion and refinement are the watchwords for the first two pieces in this new collection, available with a black velours or grained beige dial with pink indices. Two additional models, adorned with a clous-de-paris central section and a sunray edge, combining heritage with modernity and available in a choice of silver or ruthenium-plated versions, complete this collection.

Anniversary heart calendar

Vulcain Anniversary heart calendar

The year was 2008, and in homage to a rich and passionate 150- year history, Vulcain launched a unique model – the Anniversary Heart. Available as a limited edition, for the rst time it revealed its heart through a semi-skeleton dial. It is now one of the centerpiece of the Vulcain range, and the Le Locle-based manufacture has focused on its development to offer a brand new version. This new collection, recognizable by its semi-skeleton dial, reveals a glimpse of its heart: the charcoal grey hand-wound V-16 alarm movement. Featuring a uted 42 mm case and a sapphire back adorned with the iconic “V” for Vulcain, this model unveils a specially nished date disc, which adds a unique touch of dynamism.

50s presidents’ watch-tradition

Vulcain 50S presidents' watch-tradition

Returning to one of the de ning moments in its history, Vulcain continues to keep the spirit of the alarm watch alive with its 50s Presidents’ Watch 39mm collection. Its electric blue enamel dial and its unique, re ned guilloché decoration lend this new time- piece a striking appearance, available in a limited edition of XXX exclusive pieces. At its heart beats the legendary Cricket V-10 manual movement.

50s presidents’ cloisonné grand feu « poséidon »

50s presidents’ cloisonné grand feu « poséidon »

Limited edition of 18 pieces Remaining faithful to its history, the Le Locle-based Manufacture has added a new model to its “Métier d’Art” collection which celebrates the age-old specialist art of cloisonné enamel. This difficult technique, which requires patience and attention to detail, brings exceptional precision to the design, as well as unique and long-lasting colour rendering. Following on from “Le Vulcain” in 2015, the Manufacture is once again taking its inspiration from a Greek god: Poseidon. God of the seas and oceans, he is instantly recognisable by the trident he holds in one hand. This new model represents both strength and elegance, two fundamental values which have always motivated the brand’s designers when creating each timepiece.

50s presidents’ watch –classic automatic

0s presidents’ watch –classic automatic

Celebrating classic elegance. Since its very beginnings, Vulcain has enjoyed an international reputation fostered by the workmanship and elegance of its timepieces. To highlight this mastery of watch design, the brand is expanding its historic 50s Presidents’ Classic line to include two new models in on-trend variations of tones, complemented by a special matching strap.

First lady Jewellery automatic

First lady Jewellery automatic

Limited edition of 10 pieces IFemininity and re nement were the dual inspirations behind the development of the new models for 2016. Vulcain has expanded its «First Lady» women’s collection with the addition of a new, unique piece. With its instantly recognisable understated design and discreet, elegant colourways, this model is subtly paired with blue sapphires and green tsavorites, magnifying both its beauty and the radiant femininity of every woman.