The least we can say is that this new edition of the Basel fair is very mysterious.

Some brands already introduced some novelties, like Tag Heuer or Moser. Others sent us their communication to be published on the opening day. But generaly speaking, it has been very calm so far.

Will 2017 be a fairly quiet edition? In a difficult context, would brands have slowed down their investments and developments ? A status quo in front of less predictable customers? Or will watchmakers (finally?) reduce the pace of novelties, to limit the risk of obsolesence on the previous ranges, just like it happens in others sectors ?

Unless the Baselworld brands await the last moment to bring down the veil, and surprise everyone (including journalists).

We’ll have answers tomorrow. And we’ll be pleased to share with you all the latest timepieces from the Swatch Group, Rolex, Patek Philippe, LVMH, and all the other brands present at the exhibition will propose.

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Stay tuned !