It’s in 1898 in Tramelan, in the Helvetian Jura, at the heart of the Swiss watchmaking production, that Auguste Reymond, a young man of twenty-seven years decides to create, with some watchmakers, a brand dedicated to watches fabrication. Real success, the brand becomes in hardly more than 10 years a manufacture with more than a hundred employees. Auguste Reymond then becomes part of the biggest names of Swiss watchmaking.

The movements produced by the manufacture are recognized for their high quality and relatively accessible prices. They are used by many leading brands and are known worldwide under the brand UNITAS. They equip waterproof and impact-resistant models, a real technological prowess for the time. The last surviving brand caliber today is produced by the ETA company.


In 1929, the brand sees its growth stagnate because of the major financial crisis. Auguste Reymond perceives the need to increase its production and turns into a limited company which produces its watches under the brand ARSA (initials of the French name of the company Auguste Reymond SA). Feeling the drop of pocket watches sales, Auguste Reymond mainly produces chronometers, chronographs and wrist watches with alarm function. After the departure of its creator, the brand remains loyal to its avant-gardiste spirit and stays on the lookout for every technological and aesthetical innovation, which allows it to create jumping hour digital watches and Braille watches for blind persons. Auguste Reymond remains to this day the undisputed specialist in tactile watches for the blind.


But at the end of the sixties, the company is deeply affected by the “quartz crisis”. That’s when in 1989, the company Nitella S.A., owned by the Loosli family and also based in Tramelan, buy up Auguste Reymond.

Thomas Loosli takes over the direction of Auguste Reymond. In less than two years, he creates a new collection exclusively dedicated to mechanical models at accessible prices, including complication models, automatic alarm watch, a repeater pocket watch, a regulator or a “doctor” wrist-watch with off center hands

In ten years, the company, which is present every year at Baselworld, takes back its rank among Swiss watches and the Auguste Reymond models nowadays became again references for the connoisseurs of the world.


SPIRALTIME®, the high quality of Swiss Made and watchmaking tradition at accessible prices

The label SPIRALTIME®, which is the reflection of VNS commitment for the Swiss mechanical watch promotion, is meant to be the symbol of the balance-spring, heart of the mechanical watch and demonstration of meticulousness in the execution of work but also an exceptional technicality.

SPIRALTIME® distributes mechanical watches fabricated by small independent and hundred-year-old manufactures, faithful to watchmaking tradition and in compliance to Swiss Made requirements. They are dedicated to a wide audience and range from sporty to classic model, including the model specialized in the aquatic universe, offering a watertightness among the best in the watchmaking market.


SPIRALTIME® distributes in France models from Auguste Reymond and Delma manufactures, two of the Swiss brands still independents which knew how to preserve the know-how of Swiss watchmaking industry. Their creativity and innovation spirit make them exceptional brands offering unique and outstanding models made from high quality materials.

SPIRALTIME® producers knew how to preserve a human size in spite of their international renown. For them, time is always a value in itself and not only a matter of passing trend or fast spent money. They still take the time to create timeless beauty and although optimized thanks to the last leading-edge technology, their watches are always hand assembled an essential element for the production of quality watches.

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Mr. and Mrs. Auguste REYMOND

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