Inspiration from the British Navy

The new collection of Arnold & Son shows three beautiful models that embody the elegance and superiority of the British colonial period. This extraordinary style that was used for the dials of luxury watches is strongly reminiscent of the works that have been made for King George III and other collections for the British royal family. The special timepieces were fully engraved by hand which gives them the unique look.

A collection of history

In the English history, the name of HMS Victory is well known. The battleship was fighting in the American Revolution, in the French Revolution and the wars of Napoleon, and mostly returned successful from the battles. These three models from Arnold & Son show on their dial different views on the ship. The first shows a moment in which the sun breaks through the clouds. The second demonstrate the ship from the outside, and the third shows the interior of the ship with its cannons.

A beautiful combination

The dials of the luxury watches were designed and manufactured completely in-house by Arnold & Son for this limited edition in silver. The masters of Arnold & Son were able to crave the dials in a special manner that they show an incredible scene in 3-D. The hard lines that were used in the dial are in a beautiful contrast with the sleek slim case of the luxury watch. A unique collection that is not only suitable for British Navy lovers and shouldn’t be missed in one of the collectors collection.

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