Do you have time?

Do you have an aversion against the time? How about a watch that is just beautiful, but you do not see what time it is exactly? Then there is the right thing for you. Years ago watches where you could not read the time were dismissed with a smile. But today, it looks quite different: there are smartphone, tablets and computer. That means that you are everywhere surrounded by the time. Why do you need an additional time on your wrist? Isn’t it enough to carry just a beautiful designed piece on your wrist? For example a watch that has a beautiful visible movement, or just a nice design?

Is this our future?

An unique model will be created in collaboration by Greubel Forsey and Wilard Wigan in 2014. There will be a limited edition of five to seven watches, whose dial shows only the movement and not the time.

Day and night

Romain Jérôme is one of the new luxury watch designers who see the watch not only as a timepiece, but also as an art object. With his model, Day & Night the watchmaker launched a watch which indicates no time. The watch displays just as the name implies, whether it is day or night, an easy way how also our ancestors survived.

Are these new models convenient for our future? Isn’t it nice to enjoy the day without the current time but still not to give up the feeling wearing an incredible timepiece? Then these watches are exactly that what you are missing in your collection.